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Supply Chain Business Ecosystem
B2B/O2O Sourcing / Distribution Platform

Wide Supply Chain Service

The wide supply chain of Eternal Asia take the demand of customers which from upstream and downstream as the core , and it constructs three platforms include procurement , sales and logistics, it aims to help enterprise to actualize non-core business outsourcing in whole process of supply chain from the raw material procurement to products' sales and improve enterprise’s core competitiveness.


Procurement Platform

The procurement platform of EA has powerful resource integrating ability to provide the service of procurement and procurement fulfillment, procurement resource integration. This procurement platform connects to suppliers from upstream efficiently to help enterprise to realize the sunshine procurement, zero inventory management, production efficiency improvement, and procurement cost reduction.


Sales Platform

Eternal Asia constructs the sales platform between manufacturers and distributors, the service network covering different size level of cities in China and build up new supply chain operation pattern of value-added distribution, providing sales fulfillment, distribution, channel management, marketing, and supply chain finance service and so on. Ultimately, it helps enterprise to realize channel flattening,  competitiveness improvement, wider market share development.


Logistics Platform

Eternal Asia established B2B/B2C platform of one stop logistics service for the logistic and logistics scheme solution, and providing the whole view logistics service of international logistics, domestic logistics and bonded logistics in the supply chain process of procurement, production, and sales. It can help enterprise to reduce cost of supply chain and improve the supply chain efficiency.


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